Let's Make Our World Sparkle“Design.” How do we define it?

I suggest a simple definition. Design is anything that makes our challenging world more functional, more friendly, incredibly life-affirming and more awesome.

I love the beauty of the world. Have you looked at the night sky? Did you see the crimson moon? View photographs of amazing landscapes, the flora and fauna of nature? Have you read an intriguing book? Do you travel to mystifying and magical places? If not, do you stop to view the photography of adventurous travelers? Certainly the planet we inhabit is challenged. Yes, indeed. But there is such glorious beauty in nature and we find peace and contentment if we stop and notice this! What can one person do to  create a better world? Imagine, illustrate, invent…influence!

So join me, my creative friends. Let’s paint artwork galore, embellish with glorious colored glass, craft elegant jewelry, foster health and beauty in an underwater world, photograph those aha moments and faraway places, and write with passion.

As we become creators of a more wonderful world, let’s offer it to others. Follow along! I’ll show you how.

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