Think Like Buddha

Inspiration: Positive Thoughts

When  I was attending the Center for Conscious Living I learned to say what I wanted as if it had already happened. For example, “I am buying a wonderful home at XYZ St, Certain City, FL. It is a perfect home for me.” That’s also what they teach Olympic athletes. “I am winning the gold because of my hard work and training. Millions are witnessing me getting a gold medal put around my neck.”

It was clearly said by Buddha: “Your thoughts become your reality.” People who dwell on the negative get the negative. A friend of mine was raised on this: “Expect the worst, but hope for the best.” Not good. This friend experiences life as stressful and full of obstacles. It’s hard to avoid these old ways of thinking, but worth eliminating them from our lives. Why not see the future as positive? If this sounds threatening, (some think it’s asking for disappointment) add this: “Whatever happens is positive and perfect for me.”

Before you tell yourself this positive thinking won’t work for you, why not try it? You might be showered with good outcomes and less stressful aches and pains. When I was in high school my parents gave me The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norment Vincent Peale. I read and reread it. I didn’t understand how powerful it was until many years later, but it helped me through my teenage angst.

The mind and body are very much connected. That’s what yoga teaches us!

Cheers and happy weekend,

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