Modern Tie Dye

Today’s Tie Dye Trends

I will fill this page to the brim with cool, experimentally founded tie dye designs. I’ve made so many! Now I have to photograph them all. Please come back in a few days to see some of the neat stuff you can do with media and materials  you never expected. Maybe you’ve watched some of the many great tie dyers on YouTube. You’ll know something about what I’ve been doing. But wait! Some may surprise you. My aim is to repurpose everyday clothes into one-of-a kind garments, worn for fun and the art of it all. These original pieces of fabric art are on sale soon. Sizes and prices will be available. The most trusted way to pay is PayPal. I prefer to not ask for your credit card numbers. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to pay me.

See these designs and more by clicking HERE

Introductory Offer: Fabric art is ranges from $15 to $25, shipping included! You can also order on Etsy.
Need more information? Email me here.