About Jeanne

I am a creative person who loves to paint, write, teach and practice yoga, dance and meditate. I rescue animals and have 4 pugs I adore. I am a caregiver to my Mom who is 101. She lives with me. I don’t mind being home a lot because I love my house, my family and being a self employed person who combines my skills to create websites and graphic design, write and publish books and substitute teach yoga.

I have been influenced by Shakti Gawain’s  Creative Visualization and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I continue to research and grow by studying videos by Tyler Moore on responsive web design, working with WordPress and subscribing to Adobe Premium with all the amazing Adobe programs.

Years ago I realized that to have a rich life I need to constantly learn and grow.

I’ve been an Apple user since Apple announced it’s black and white Mac SE in 1987. Today I work on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 8+. Apple TV makes viewing high resolution graphics, photos and web design easy.

Since Monday I’ve released 6 healthy monarch butterflies! There are 8 more chrysalises in a netted tent in my screened room. Life is good.

Swallowtail Fence
Swallowtail Fence- 30"x40" oil on canvas
E-RYT500 Yoga
My CafePress Namaste shirt
Calming Waters
Meditate on The Calming Sea
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