MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Love, love, love my computer!


  • I like making things: colorful paintings, hands-on get-covered-with-glue crafts, hand painted T shirts and fun books.
  • I rescue dogs. My pugs are Lulu, Bella, Mardi Gras, Kasia, Rajesh. They are my comfort and my closest pals.
  • I am a caregiver to my elderly Mom.
  • I am a mother, daughter and grandmother.
  • I love research and keeping up with current events.
  • I think Adobe products: Illustrator, PhotoShop, Bridge, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat are the best.
  • In the 90s I taught desktop publishing on America Online. Seriously. Students paid tuition, then joined me online to discuss typography, formatting, graphics and proper layouts for brochures, books and other digital publishing. I provided a rich library my students could access. I had a Mac. They mostly had PCs. It was a challenge but fun.
  • I moved to Florida, then back to New England then back to Florida.
  • My first formal art classes were watercolor based. I learned a lot from the great Judith Dazzio.
  • I started teaching the practice I’d done at home and anywhere I could find a class: yoga.
  • I’ve been a Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 level yoga teacher since 2002. I’m a Board Member of Suncoast Yoga Teachers Association
  • I cut back on teaching and taking art classes to become a Certified Web Designer.
  • I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with web design. Dreamweaver puzzled me. Let’s be honest, I nearly tore my hair out with divs and css.
  • Then I discovered WordPress.
  • I designed the Suncoast Yoga Teachers Association website .
  • The rest is history.